Vigora 100 Red Tablets Price: Distinguishable Alternative of Viagra  

Brand: Vigora

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Zydus Cadila

Country of Manufacture: India

Vigora 100 Package Image

Review and Description

Vigora 100 Red is one of the many brand alternates for Viagra. It comes in red color instead of blue. Just like Viagra, Vigora addresses erectile dysfunction issues in men. Erectile dysfunction is a common issue in men. It is characterized by the early breakdown of the cyclic guanosine  monophosphate (cGMP) enzymes due to action of the phosphodiesterase (PED 5) enzymes. The sildenafil in Vigora acts like an inhibitor and selectively controls the action of PDE5, thereby enhancing the production of NO and cGMP,

Although it’s written on the packet of Vigora that it’s from German Remedies, Vigora is an Indian generic brand manufactured by a company called Zydus Cadila. The said firm has been working India since 1995 when the merger of Cadila Healthcare and Zydus group took place. But its origin can be traced much earlier to 1952. That’s why Zydus Cadila claims to have an experience of 60 years and a billion dollar status in India. Zydus Cadila manufactures health and wellness cures in the area of arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular and dermatological diseases, gastrointestinal and respiratory issues and infections. Zydus Cadila also manufactures veterinary medicines and has recently entered the global market besides expanding in the local market in the animal health niche.

Customer Reviews

As opposed to many Indian generic brands of Viagra, Vigora has certain repute in the market. There are users who have personally tried Vigora in the 100 mg potency and have reported the following impressions:

A user whose name is Patrick Wallace have backed Vigora with a 5 star rating on 22 June 2016

A user whose name is Patrick Wallace have backed Vigora with a 5 star rating on 22 June 2016. According to him, Vigora is just like the branded medicine (Viagra) as it produces the same “effective outcome”. He feels that people should stop spending so much on Viagra and other brand medicines and get hold of this “great medication” instead at a much lower price. There is another customer who goes by the name Wayne Whittaker and who has submitted a review favoring Vigora on 13 May 2016.  He tried Vigora and found it to be a “life savior”, with “100%” effectiveness and “no side effects”.

However, mixed reviews were found about Vigor at another source

However, mixed reviews were found about Vigor at another source. Someone called Mike recorded his experience of using Vigor. While he admitted that Vigor helped him “going longer” during intercourse, he did experience side effects like heart burn and blurriness. However, another reviewer, Kirk, was “happily surprised” with how “successful” Vigora was for him. He is a 59 year old patient and was able to achieve the “most powerful penile erection” thanks to Vigora. While he does admit that Vigora has some “uncomfortable side effects” like a headache and pressure in the eyes, yet he finds Vigora totally worth it.

The said reviews have helped us establish that Vigora has been tried with success by many people suffering from erectile dysfunction. They do admit that there are few side effects of Vigora; nevertheless, they have still endorsed Vigora due to its effectiveness and price.

Pricing and Dosage

Each tablet of Vigora contains 100 mg of sildenafil citrate, which is the same formulation in which Viagra is made. This is the maximum dose of sildenafil citrate that can be safely taken for erectile dysfunction in one day. Vigora comes in this strength only and splitting the tablet isn’t possible due to its shape.

Vigoras market price happened to be around

Vigora’s market price happened to be around $1.98 per tablet. Since this price is much lower than brand Viagra, Vigora is considered as a cheaper alternative to it. One can get around 30 pills of Vigora for $59.40 from some sources. In some cases, it is also possible to get Vigora at an even lower price if an online vendor is willing to offer discounts on bulk purchases.

How to Buy Vigora Online

Vigora is not a brand that can be conveniently bought from just about any online store. Likewise, it’s not possible that the online vendor selling Vigora is able to ship it to just about any location worldwide. Therefore, it can be said that Vigora’s availability is somewhat conditional. Nevertheless, consumers wanting to buy Vigora can make use of other options. For instance, Fildena is another generic brand containing Sildenafil Citrate which is easily acquirable from various online pharmacies. It can be delivered to any destination globally for a nominal shipping ain in chest. fee i.e., $10 in most cases. Price-wise, Fildena is much cheaper than Vigora. One can conveniently buy Fildena from any of the following sources:

https://pharmacymall.net/categories/Erectile-Dysfunction/Fildena?synonym=Fildena http://www.canadapharmacy24h.com/catalog/Erectile_Dysfunction/Fildena.htm

How to Use

Vigora is meant to be taken orally but there is no need to dissolve it in water. Sildenafil Citrate works better when it is taken without food or alcoholic beverages. Vigora needs to be consumed at least 30 minutes before the intercourse and works till 4-5 hours. However, since 100 mg is supposed to the utmost dose can take within 24 hours, one pill of Vigora is enough for one day. Vigora doesn’t come in a lower strength i.e., 50 mg or 25 mg, and since the pill comes in a triangular shape, it is not possible to split it.

Side Effects

Vigora has minimal side effects. Some sensitive users might experience issues with digestion, a mild headache, a facial rash, dizziness, and a few others. But most of these symptoms are temporary and subside on their own.  Some rare and unusual side effects are a degree of blurriness or changes in vision, bloody or foamy urine, severe diarrhea, priapism, and a pain in the chest. All these conditions are rare and severe in nature and require one to go to the hospital immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Vigora 100 happens to be a brand alternative of Viagra. It prevents the premature breakdown of the cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) enzymes due to the action of the phosphodiesterase (PED 5) enzymes and allows a better flow of blood to the penis and thus a stronger erection. Vigora is a made by ZydusCadila, an Indian pharmaceutical with some very innovative products in its portfolio. Unlike many generic brands, Vigora has positive reviews associated with it; however, some reviewers have indicated that Vigora is not without side effects. Another thing to consider is that Vigora might not be readily available internationally. Therefore, Vigora gets a ranking of 3 (fair) on our scale. For those who are unable to get hold of Vigora, there are other readily available and cost-effective alternatives that can be sought.